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How to Choose the Right Hotel for Your Trip in Kingston, Ontario?

Not all hotels are created equal. There are endless variations in terms of price, amenities offered and included services. So how do you choose the right hotel for you? Here are five tips to help you find the right place for your stay in Kingston.

1. Prioritize amenities. Is a business centre and unrestricted Wi-Fi critical to your trip? Or are free breakfast and a fitness centre what you need? If you’re travelling alone, you’ll only need to take into account your own preferences, but if you’re travelling with your spouse and kids, it’s important to consider everyone’s needs. In this scenario, you may find that laundry facilities and a pool for the little ones to splash around in are vital. Knowing what amenities are most important to you will allow you to narrow down your choices. 

2. Know your budget. Before you even start your search, you should know what your budget is for accommodations. Only consider booking hotels that are within your means. And remember, while expensive hotels may offer luxury services, they aren’t necessarily best suited for your individual requirements.

3. Location. Another key consideration for a successful trip is the location of your hotel. While you may save money staying outside of town, the inconvenience of needing to travel to get to your destination could void the financial benefits. Consider what local attractions you’d like to have near your hotel. Restaurants, entertainment and transport are a few possibilities.

4. Read reviews. Online reviews are a good way to gage the quality of a hotel. The overall rating is a good indicator but the reviews themselves should be read to determine if particular pros and cons might affect your choice. For example, “family friendly” might be a perk to one traveller but a deterrent for another.

5. Call and ask questions. Once you’ve narrowed your choices down to a few contenders, it’s beneficial to call hotels directly to find out more. Confirm that the hotel has available the offerings you’re looking for and inquire about additional things such as:

  • What’s the hotel’s cancellation policy?
  • What’s included in your rate?
  • What additional fees should you expect (ex. parking)?
  • What services and entertainments are available near the hotel?

In addition to gaining more information, you’ll also get a sense of how the hotel treats its guests and the type of customer service you can expect.

6. Look out for special packages. If you’re still having trouble deciding on the accommodations for your trip, particular hotel packages and deals can help sway you in favour of one or another. In Kingston, at  the Courtyard by Marriott Kingston, we offer both a Shopping Package and a Fuel & Stay package. Contact us today for more information on these deals and our other exceptional services and offerings.

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